BKS Services

BKS aims to create a unique crypto platform facilitating and speeding up the Freelancing Network.

With a number of completely customizable packages, BKS will offer the possibility of full Transparency for your project with Marketing and Development needs.

Freelancing Services Include:

• Social media marketing like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube.

• Web and Application Development.

BKS platform will be a marketplace for marketing and development services. Buyers can bid on their favorite service providers.



BitKontacts(BKS) is a 100% Proof-Of-Stake Cryptocurrency, built for the BitKontacts platform. It is Fast, Secure, Stable and Sustainable. The Bitkontacts platform will be a Decentralized Social Network which aims to connect thousands of users on a single Massive Network.

Think of it as a marketplace for buying Marketing and Development services. Marketers can offer their services and buyers will bid for the best price for their need.

Users can create and manage a profile to maintain their services with Memberships, which will be payable in BKS with small fee. The platform will also host a BKS web wallet so that users can Send / Receive and pay for Goods and Services directly on the platform.

Revolutionary Social Platform

Connecting users worldwide via Bitkontacts Blockchain.

Device Friendly Platform

Access on the go, Anytime, Anywhere.

VIP Access: Exclusive VIP member section

Monthly subscriptions paid in Bitkontacts.


We understand how difficult it can be to build a bond or trust between two parties, especially in the Crypto space and Anonymity. BKS aims to unite them with ease, a multitude of crypto services that people offer worldwide.

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions and Development all are jobs that requires Expertise and specific people and professionals in the respective domain who offer their services in exchange for BKS.

Do you make videos on YouTube? Are you a Marketer on Twitter? Are you a Freelancer? Hope to earn in exchange for your services? This is why BKS is here. We combine all the services in one big space!

How does it work?

Simple and intuitive approach .With a monthly subscription to access our services, for both sellers and buyers using an elegantly designed fast and secure platform.


BKS uses a steady growth model, Our community is the key to our success.

We encourage participation from all our community members to be actively involved in growing BKS.


Building a strong active community.

Launch the presale for duration of one month. Early supporters will have access to start earning a passive income immediately after purchase.

Development new Website, Transparency with Community, detailed Roadmap with strong marketing presence and continuous developments.

Coin Specs


• Short Name: BKS

• Algo: SHA-256

• Block Time: 3 Minutes

• Mining: +PoS

• Coinbase Maturity: 10 Blocks

• Min Stake Age: 3 Hours

• Max Stake Age: 3 Days

• Recommended Confirmations: 10 Blocks

• Premine: 6 ML (3 ML BKS were burned)

• Max Supply: 300 ML

1 - 3000
3001 - 6000
6001 - 10000
10001 - 13000
700% power
13001 - 16000
16001 - 20000
20001 - 30000
30001 - 33000
1100% power
33001 - 35000
600% power block
35001 - 40000
40001 - 50000
50001 - 55000
55001 - 58000
1550% power block
58001 - 65000
65001 - 80000
80001 - 100000
100001 - 110000
500% power block
110001 - 140000
140001 - 150000


• Concept Initiation – Network Launch.

• Brand building logo introduction.

• Network and Presale Launch.

• Security and Privacy implementation.

• Secure listing on repuatable exchange, Cryptobridge/Coinexchange TBD.

• Bitkontacts official website upgrade development.

• Launch robust marketing campaigns. Social media and paid banner listings.

• Community building focused bounty campaigns  Airdrops and competitions.

• Official Bitkiss bot development for discord.

• Alpha release Bitkontacts Platform, Social network for mass adoption.

Q1 2019

• Launch new website.

• Bitkontacts Brand Awareness and Team.

• Building.

• Launch Bitkontacts platform: Full release of Bitkontacts platform.

• Introduction of Bitkontacts applications on Social platform.

• Release extended roadmap for Q3 and Q4.

Q2 2019

• Release Whitepaper Detailed report of Bitkontacts Platform.

• Exchange listing on reputable, top 10 by volume exchange.

• Online merchandising.

• Release extended roadmap.

Q3 2019


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